Risk Management for Medical Practices & Physicians

The Excalibur team has deep expertise in risk management – the cornerstone of successful Medical Practices.  Our experts will assist you identifying, evaluating and prioritizing risks including IT, legal, insurance, medical compliance, credit risk, employee and patient liability and natural disasters.

After discussion with your Medical Practice’s principals, we will make recommendations to manage the probabilities of impact and suggest proportional and economical methods to remain successful and profitable under a range of scenarios.   

Medical Billing Audit Excellence Program - Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting

Medical Billing Audit Excellence Program

Excalibur Medical Management & Financial Consulting specializes in Medical Practice Audits for leading Physicians and Medical Practices through-out the United States.  We are a hands-on, boutique medical practice advisory firm whom has a track-record of exceptional results

Only Excalibur adds meaningful value to your medical practice through our medical billing audit excellence program.

  1. Engage with an Excalibur principal.  Each of our Physician and Medical Practice clients only deals directly with an Excalibur principal with at least 30 years of experience.  We do not employ junior partners, or delegate our work to third parties, ensuring that you get the highest quality engagement and results!
  2. Precision recommendations on managing the total revenue cycle and maximizing cash flow.
  3. In depth analysis of the ‘payer to cash’ cycle’ for reimbursement to increase your cash flow. Our goal is to equip your medical practice to submit claims within 24 hours of delivery of services.
  4. Cash Flow:  We will attempt to increase your Medical Practice’s cash flow by +25%.
  5. Medical Billing Costs:  We will make recommendations to reduce your medical billing costs +15%
  6. Physicians Productivity:  we will advise you Increasing your Physician productivity resulting in greater revenue and cash flow.
  7. Practice Management Software recommendations:  we will advise you on whether you are over-paying for practice management software based on practical analysis, not ‘software speak’.
  8. HIPAA compliance:  we will evaluate your medical practices HIPPA compliance and make practical, not onerous, recommendations.
  9. Ensure your Medical Practices experiences improved revenue by using the most accurate coding and billing techniques.
  10. Reduced labor and optimized operations:  we will make practical recommendations so you can optimize your back-office labor, and focus on Physician productivity and patient needs as opposed to being consumed with medical billing and insurance processing.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting

About Excalibur Medical Management & Financial Consulting

Michelle Stahl, President & CEO founded Excalibur in 2020 after a successful 30+ year career founding and leading one of the most successful medical billing and collection firms in the United States.  Over three decades, Mrs. Stahl served over 250+ of the best physicians and medical practices through-out the United States, retaining their business through a results-oriented philosophy.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting will assist you to:

  • Increase your Medical Practice’s cash flow by +25%
  • Reduce your medical billing costs +15%
  • Elevate your Physician productivity resulting in greater revenue

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