Michelle Stahl

President & CEO

Michelle has a distinguished, 30 year career in serving medical practices including coordination with patients, insurance companies, government agencies to streamline, improve and solidify best practices, profitability and cash blow.

In 1984, Michelle founded Physicians Billing service on her kitchen table, serving five substantial internal medicine practices.  Twenty five years later, Physicians Billing Service grew into one of the largest medical billing and collection companies in the United States, serving 250+ of the best medical practices from coast-to-coast.

Notably, Michelle and her team’s activities consistently yielded higher and more timely rates of collections for any medical practice whom employed their services.  Physcian Billing Service took great pride in assisting several medical practices from avoiding bankruptcy.

Michelle has her CPC (Certified Professional Coder) certification and is multi-decade member of the AAPC, BCC, ACG and ACOG.

About Excalibur Medical Management & Financial ConsultingExcalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting

Michelle Stahl, President & CEO founded Excalibur in 2020 after a successful 30+ year career founding and leading one of the most successful medical billing and collection firms in the United States.  Over three decades, Mrs. Stahl served over 250+ of the best physicians and medical practices through-out the United States, retaining their business through a results-oriented philosophy.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting will assist you to:

  • Increase your Medical Practice’s cash flow by +25%
  • Reduce your medical billing costs +15%
    Elevate your Physician productivity resulting in greater revenue

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