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Results in Medical Management and Financial Consulting

Your capital and time are valuable.  We have strict standards for client on-boarding.  After we perform an initial diagnostic of your medical practice, we will help to increase your Medical Practice’s cash flow, reduce medical billing costs & more.

The Case Studies below illustrate Excalibur’s impact for leading Medical Practices & Physicians through-out the United States.

Case Study #1

  • Embezzlement:  A leading Gastroenterologist was perplexed by the contraction in his medical practice.  Through exceptional patient care, he had grown his medical practice by 5x over 10 years, however, his profitability and cash flow were stagnant.  He retained Michelle Stahl, and her team, he expeditiously uncovered that the Office Manager had been embezzling, through a phantom corporate card for personal charges, masked as ‘office expenses’.

Case Study #2

  • Embezzlement:  A successful Cardiology practice was aiming to improve its medical billing and collections efficiency and efficacy.  Unbeknownst to the Medical Practice, they were victims of embezzlement by their internal billing team.  Michelle and team quickly identified that the end of month collections did not match the Cardiology practice’s bank statements.  Once identified, the problem was remedied, and the embezzlers released and litigated by the Cardiology practice.

Case Study #3

    • Malfeasance:  a leading medical practice, frequently sent delinquent accounts to a collections agency, as the area is known for a fair amount of transience.  Given the vast amount of transactions, the medical practice did not notice that the collections agency was neither sending a report, nor sending a check.  The collections agency was collecting funds on behalf of the medical practice, but not remitting funds.  Once engaged, Michelle’s team quickly identified the problem, the Medical Practice terminated the Collections Agency and was successful in collecting the funds due.

Case Study #4 

  • Incompetence:   a large medical practice was experiencing extreme cash flow issues and on the brink of bankruptcy.  The medical practice retained Michelle Stahl and team who quickly identified the root cause.  The Office Manager was printing claims, however, the claims were never mailed to patients for payments.  There were several hundreds of thousands of dollars of claims, that were sitting in boxes in the office.  Michelle’s team quickly remedied the problem on un-mailed claims, and was able to collect a substantial portion.  The Office Manager was terminated.

Case Study #5

  • Efficiency:  a large Internal Medicine practice had grown its medical practice 10x over the past decade, however its cash flow and profitability had only increased 2x.  Notably, the Medical Practice had switched Practice Management software programs 3x over ten years, in search for greater productivity and efficiency.  Each system disappointment.  Upon retaining Michelle Stahl and team, they were grateful that incentives were aligned (Michelle and team only got paid when the Medical Practice got paid), claims were submitted on a timely basis and write-offs / lost income declined by 50%+

Our Background in Serving Physicians and Medical Practices with Medical Billing & Collections Excellence

Our Background in Serving Physicians and Medical Practices with Medical Billing & Collections ExcellenceA Word-of-Mouth Success Story

Michelle Stahl founded one of the leading Medical Billing and Collection firm in 1989, at the request of a friend of a friend who was a Physician. He decided to leave the HMO in which he had been working, and decided to open a stand-alone medical practice. He asked Michelle to help him set up his office and his medical billing and collections and was thrilled with the outcome.

One thing led to another, and this Physician had another Doctor friend who became a client, which led to a third Medical Practice, a fourth Medical Practice and 30 years later, her company grew to be one of the largest, and most respected outsourced Medical Billing and Collections firms in the United States.


Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting

About Excalibur Medical Management & Financial Consulting

Michelle Stahl, President & CEO founded Excalibur in 2020 after a successful 30+ year career founding and leading one of the most successful medical billing and collection firms in the United States.  Over three decades, Mrs. Stahl served over 250+ of the best physicians and medical practices through-out the United States, retaining their business through a results-oriented philosophy.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting will assist you to:

  • Increase your Medical Practice’s cash flow by +25%
  • Reduce your medical billing costs +15%
  • Elevate your Physician productivity resulting in greater revenue

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