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30 Day Medical Billing Audits

The Excalibur team specializes in 30 day, rapid medical billing audits with the objectives of:

  • Increasing your Medical Practice’s cash flow by +25%.
  • Reducing your medical billing costs +15%.
  • Increasing your Physician productivity resulting in greater revenue/

Our hands-on industry expertise, allows us to quickly engage, and rapidly move from engagement, to analysis to actionable recommendations.

What is a Medical Billing Audit?

  • Thoroughly evaluate clinical documentation .
  • Exhaustively review Medical billing information submitted to payers.
  • Comprehensively audit your accounts receivable:  receipt of payment, financial controls, and A/R aging report.

What are the Benefits & Outcomes of a Medical Billing Audit?

  • Coding:  
    • Ensuring ‘quality’ the first time, to reduce friction in payers denying payment and challenging claims.
    • Evaluating billing vs. national averages to better understand regional differences.
    • Advise on proper use of CPT codes, under-coding, code overuse and bundling procedures.
  • Revenue Management:
    • Highlight opportunities to capture additional reimbursement.
  • Accounts Receivable Management:
    • Advise on best practices on quality claim submissions to accelerate A/R and reduce bad debt.
  • Process Improvement:
    • Establishing priorities:  we will spotlight and prioritize your greatest areas of improvement to increase revenue and cash flow.
    • Reporting:  we will make suggestions to streamline your reporting to focus on the most essential KPIs.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial ConsultingAbout Excalibur Medical Management & Financial Consulting

Michelle Stahl, President & CEO founded Excalibur in 2020 after a successful 30+ year career founding and leading one of the most successful medical billing and collection firms in the United States.  Over three decades, Mrs. Stahl served over 250+ of the best physicians and medical practices through-out the United States, retaining their business through a results-oriented philosophy.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting will assist you to:

  • Increase your Medical Practice’s cash flow by +25%
  • Reduce your medical billing costs +15%
  • Elevate your Physician productivity resulting in greater revenue

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