Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting


The Excalibur team are experts in the comprehensive field of medical practice revenue and expenses including:

  • Medical Billing experts whom understand the complex environment of medical billing and collection standards that are used to process health care claims and create economic value.
  • Medical Coding:  we are experts whom have keen knowledge of utilizing current standards and translating the details of medical coding into expeditious claims processing.  Excalibur’s expertise includes:
    • CPT Codes (Current Procedural Terminology) for outpatient procedures and physician billing.
    • ICD-10:  extensive knowledge of the complex ICD-10 code requirements.  
    • Our goal is to assist you in 24-48 hour claim submission, that is done correctly, once, vastly improving cash flow and your team’s productivity.
  • Practice Management Software: evaluation of the pros & cons of the latest practice management systems vs. legacy practice management systems.  Excalibur takes a practical, balanced point-of-view to weighing the latest systems with unclear track records vs. legacy systems with their unique set of pros & cons.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting

About Excalibur Medical Management & Financial Consulting

Michelle Stahl, President & CEO founded Excalibur in 2020 after a successful 30+ year career founding and leading one of the most successful medical billing and collection firms in the United States.  Over three decades, Mrs. Stahl served over 250+ of the best physicians and medical practices through-out the United States, retaining their business through a results-oriented philosophy.

Excalibur Medical Management and Financial Consulting will assist you to:

  • Increase your Medical Practice’s cash flow by +25%
  • Reduce your medical billing costs +15%
  • Elevate your Physician productivity resulting in greater revenue

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